Snooker Coaching

Anyone who plays competitive snooker knows that this game more than most is psychologically demanding. Your success is based on your ability to not only cope but to thrive on the pressure.

The task of clearing the last red with a black and all the colours to stay in the match can suddenly become the most difficult task imaginable even though you have comfortably achieved this countless times in practise.

The fact is the table is the same, the balls are the same, your cue is the same and most importantly you are the same, so all the pressure you feel is created within your unconscious mind. Fortunately it’s possible and much quicker and easier than you may imagine changing the beliefs and programmes that run in your unconscious mind, so it works with you. This will change your emotions and most importantly your results. Snooker is a sport that you are completely helpless when your opponent is at the table however when you have the opportunity you must ensure your mind is focussed and committed to keeping all positive thoughts in abundance and maintaining total commitment to the shot you are playing. Ensuring the score and the reputation of your opponent are all clear from your current thinking is vital if you are to play to your best when the stakes are high.

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