New Attitude to Sports Psychology

Back in the 80s sport was a fun way to spend your Saturday afternoons watching and cheering on your favourite team or player. Things have changed enormously in 20 years. Top level sport is now multi million pound business. Players and teams alike are international super stars and have a huge amount of pressure to deliver high quality when and wherever they perform. This pressure exists for the youngest up and coming competitor to the elite.

No matter how much experience a person has it's always a possibility that nerves take over or at least make the event a much more difficult situation than you would like. I'm sure that many players have experienced the terrible feelings where the most important game or even a single shot seems to be the most difficult imaginable. You need to hold yourself together for just a bit longer and victory is within touching distance and your mind becomes filled with negatives. Instead of being totally committed to victory you become aware that defeat now will feel unbearable. Or the build up to an event brings negative feelings and emotions, you don't understand it because you have worked so hard for it but your mind starts to press the self destruct button. Maybe you have a problem totally believing that you can be at your best when it really matters. Why would you do this to yourself, and more importantly is there anything that can be done to prevent it?..... Thankfully, yes there is.

Our mind is so vast it's difficult for us to even comprehend. Our ability to achieve is one that few of us ever understand. All of our learning is through our unconscious mind. This part is the main portion of our mind, and it's the part that stores our memories, beliefs and values, controls our thoughts and movements. It keeps our heart beating, runs our body and preserves it. The unconscious mind is the part that we have to understand and communicate with to make positive change. Once we do this change is quick and very easy.

Simon Capon has worked with international sports people who have experienced incredible change at an alarming rate. His goal is for clients to experience positive change within an hour and for most within 30 minutes. He insists that we all have huge potential, and for those who have a desire to access the resources they need, there possibilities are staggering. Success is not something that happens to the lucky few, it's something that happens to the few that pursue excellence of the body and the mind.

Improvement, consistency, better results and victory are all within your reach. The question you have to ask yourself is.....