Golf Coaching

Golf has to be one of the most competitive sports on the planet. With so many improving players competing for titles in every continent it’s inevitable that the difference between success and failure can be minute.

If you are serious about your game you will of experienced times when frustration or even exasperation have prevented you from playing at a level you know you are capable of. Firstly golf is a very long game and because of the amount of time between shots it’s very easy for your mind to focus on negative emotions or potential difficulties ahead. So how beneficial will it be to have the ability to control your mind and emotions when and where ever you are. A large number of talented players have made the point that when they play a pressure shot it’s very easy to become tense and as a result muscles tighten. The swing slows and their drive shortens. The consequence is that anxiety increases and at the least the enjoyment of the game decreases and at worst it can cost you valuable shots in match play. Golf is one of the most demanding and fulfilling sports and when your timing is perfect and you know with a certainty that you will play each shot with conviction and confidence there is no feeling that compares. You can learn and master psychological skills that will ensure that you have a cast iron belief in your ability to consistently produce your very best.

If you have 100% belief your actions and behaviours will mirror this and the conclusion is that your results will improve. I can’t promise to make you a contender for a major title but I can ensure that you become the very best player you can be. Most players spend time and money working on the technical side of the game but the truth is that by putting the psychology to chance you are only attending to 50% of your game.

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