Football Coaching

The modern day footballer

Sport is changing dramatically and football is perhaps leading this trend. Arguably the Brazilian team who won the world cup in 1970 would be completely outplayed by the Elite teams of today. Pace, skill and fitness are all factors but maintaining a cool head when you have several thousand opposition supporters screaming at you is as important. Perhaps the most challenging element falls to the player who has the responsibility of being the penalty taker. This is an unenviable position where this player is in the spot light for the most intense few seconds of the game. The whole team rely on this person to remain totally focussed and confident whilst in the most hostile environment in sport. Stepping up to take the penalty kick whilst facing what seems to be an ever increasingly huge goal keeper and a shrinking goal as well as several hundred intimidating supporters is not one for the faint hearted.

Unfortunately many players who have the ability to score penalties with regularity find this intense pressure too much and pass the task to someone else. The ability to fulfil this responsibility is simple and much easier to learn and apply than you may expect. By changing the perception of the situation and changing some programs that are running in your mind this extreme setting can become an environment where you automatically become focused, calm and committed to execute the spot kick. This can be achieved by coaching or with the assistance of a mind programming download. My philosophy is simple. If your mind has decided to create emotions of anxiety and stress, it can equally access confidence and total self belief. We are all in charge of our minds but some allow their minds to control them. Make the change now.

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