Athletics Coaching

If you are a track or field competitor you will fully understand that special feeling you get just before and during your event that’s commonly known as nervous tension. The problem is that to compete at your best your body needs to be relaxed and your mind focussed. The good news is that you can have this perfect state and this is much easier to achieve than you may imagine.

The amount of dedicated training required to compete at a high level is for many too much. A time when your motivation is low is inevitable and it’s crucial that you can regain it quickly; I have worked with athletes who have recreated their true purpose and enthusiasm in minutes after suffering a long period of low confidence.

Whatever you event there is a moment where you need an explosion of energy. It may be during the complete sprint or the run up to the throw, maybe it’s the last 100m of a distance race whatever it is you will understand that it’s key that you have a focussed and totally committed mental approach so you can be at the peak of your physical performance for that critical moment. By understanding how to obtain this will dramatically increase your success during pressure situations.

Pressure is a term used in every sport and misunderstood by the vast majority of sports people and coaches. For some in sports psychology the challenge is how to use the feeling of pressure to your advantage in other words how to channel it into positive energy. My view is to simply change it into a positive emotion that will result in you producing your very best. If you want to fulfil  your true potential you must learn to control and create emotions and feelings that lead you to a cast iron self belief.

Athletes like Usain Bolt are taking the sport to unimaginable levels, to go with the elite you must learn to think as they do and generate new thinking patterns and behaviours. One thing is certain, with a short training programme you will transform your thinking patterns and your results... I believe we all have far more potential than we know and it’s my purpose to assist you in finding and developing yours.

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