About Simon Capon

Since 2006 Simon has worked with professional sports men and women. He is committed to his clients achieving the goals and ambitions they strive for.

Simon has the ability to make huge psychological changes in an astonishingly fast time. He uses a variety of techniques including skills from NLP and hypnotherapy. His beliefs are that everyone has the resources to change the programmes they run in their minds so they become focused, confident and generate total self belief. Many clients including established professional sports people have battled for years to overcome the psychological problems of coping with pressure of match play. This disruptive emotion has been turned down to a level that is perfect for that individual in just a few sessions.

Simon’s philosophy is simple, create self belief and your behaviours and actions will change and so will your results, this will have the effect of reinforcing your belief as a winning performer. Belief in your ability is imperative at high level competitive sport.

Simon has inspired athletes, footballers and numerous others to achieve national, international and world titles. He has written articles about his work for Tennis life UK magazine. He has a selection of mind programming recordings available on MP3 downloads from Amazon, iTunes and Nokia.

If you want to accomplish your full potential you must perfect both the physical and psychological elements of your sport.

Simon Capon,
NLP Master Practitioner
NLP Trainer